Michele De Vita Conti and Maria Alberta Navello meet an unusual Lady Macbeth


NOV 24 > DEC 4 Teatro Astra, Turin – Italy


The wedding between Lady Macbeth and her husband is the only marriage really functioning in Shakespeare’s literature. A union of love, ambition, attraction and certainly complicity. At least until she sees a side of him that disappoints her deeply. Our protagonist explains and analyzes with gruesome clarity this link as a researcher in the laboratory; it is forced into a sort of limbo, where she relives her story of love and breaks it down for the public. She does it in a crude and cruel way. First of all towards herself.

After Orson Welles, Mia Martini and Poe, Michele De Vita Conti offers now a different experiment, with a very well-known character, as if it really existed. Shakespeare’s characters are indeed so stuck to our imagination that we can surely say they are part of our history.

A project by Michele De Vita Conti and Gian Manuel Rau

Written and directed by Michele De Vita Conti

With Maria Alberta Navello

Set Lucia Menegazzo / Costumes Brigida Sacerdoti / Light design Mauro Panizza

Production Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa


19 h

19 h

18 h